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Diplomas are not useful: anyone willing to hire Kiev employers

Дипломы не пригодились: кого готовы нанимать киевские работодателиThere is a greater demand for specialty workers.

Most of the unemployed in Kiev are people with higher education (70% of the nearly 9.6 thousand people). This was announced by the Department of statistics of Kyiv. In the capital there are plenty of vacancies. Journalists know what professions are in demand today, and why people with degrees can’t get jobs.


According to the Main Department of statistics of Kyiv, at the end of September 2017 in Kiev was almost 9.6 thousand unemployed. Of them women 58%, men 42%, respectively.

“Among registered unemployed, 70% of people have higher education basic and incomplete education 14% and only 7.7% with vocational education,” — said the Deputy head of the statistics Department Oleg a Real one.

The statistics reflect only the number of Kiev, was in the Kyiv city employment center. And how many more of the unemployed had not filed their documents to the stock exchange of employment.

Experts in the field of personnel management say that the number of unemployed graduates is even higher. So, according to HR expert at the employment portal Tatyana Pushkinoj, the number is 82%.

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“Today the labor market does not need so many graduates. The growing demand for specialty workers,” she explains.

However, according to Pushkinoj, the main problem why people with higher education can’t get jobs — not the lack of jobs in principle, and the reluctance of most of them to enhance their skills or to retrain in a different specialty.

“For example, people have worked for 20 years as an economist or accountant. Daily performed the same work. And when, after the dismissal comes to the new employer, it turns out that a more modern skills, which he does not have. And relearn most of them have no desire,” she says.

Thus, today there are lots of vacancies of lawyers, economists, managers and accountants, however, the requirements do not always correspond to their experience.

Meanwhile, according to Pushkinoj, the rapidly growing demand for job vacancies. “In the top five most popular professions — office drivers, plumbers, fitters, tractor drivers and seamstresses. They huge demand. For example, seamstresses today offer a salary up to 20 thousand UAH a month, but I can’t find as many of them are leaving to work abroad. In Poland 20 thousand UAH from the seamstresses is the minimum wage, and she doesn’t need additional skills. At the same time to find a job in Poland, a lawyer is extremely difficult, it is necessary to completely relearn and study the legislation of the new country,” — said the expert.

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With Pushkinoj agree and the head of the Kiev recruiting agencies recruiting “senior staff” Nicholas, Matiuk. “Working field very popular. We are the managers of enterprises with requests to find them hundreds of workers for new industries. Furniture shop, car services can’t find employees. And people with higher education do not want to go to work associated with physical labor and with a small salary,” explains Matiuk.

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