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Digital sorrow: our business is sorely lacking programmers

Цифровая печаль: нашему бизнесу катастрофически не хватает программистов

Right now in the state it lays the Foundation of backlog of Russia in this region for decades to come

Dmitry Alexeev, Director of the far Eastern company CSN, which sells and services digital and home appliances wrote in a FB post, characterizing the state of the industry not only in Primorye and the far East, but also in Russia as a whole:

“DNS is one of the major problems is that we lack developers. Only now we need to recruit about 100 programmers. On the one hand, private development is impossible without creation of new IT systems, on the other hand, the government continually throws up puzzles. VAT change, online cash, marking of goods, etc., is only part of the tasks that need to be addressed on a mandatory basis.

1. First comes the idea of Universities as a source of new personnel. After the restructuring of this industry, we (in Primorye and the far East – approx.ed.) their are actually two: FEFU and VSUES. In the first, gaining about 250 people a year, in the second 50, those who can get the developers to us. It is clear that survival rates in best 2/3, but probably half. The best graduates tend to go, and a rough estimate shows that only CSN is ready to accept all graduates of all universities of Primorye and not the fact that enough is enough.

2. With Universities we are pretty structurally interact, in particular, the University is not the first fight for the increase of budget places in bachelor degree for programmers. But the “Digital Economy” exists in Russia only on TV and the reports of officials. In the near future to change until nothing. But the problem is even deeper. Even if you increase the number of seats in bachelor, there will be no one to take. Now a passing grade on a specialty “Software Engineering” in the University’s 182 points. This, when translated into plain language, one four and two threes. If you increase the set twice and take the other 50, you’ll have to take threes and one two.

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3. In Primorye annually finish school and pass the exam about 10 thousand people. But the examination of “Informatics and ICT” wrote: in 2015 – 541 persons, 2016 – 434, 2017 – 506. Thus in 2017, from who passed the exam: 101 people received“2”, 243 – “3”, 133 – “4”, 29 – “5”!!! You know, for 10 thousand people, 162 people took the exam on “4” and “5”!!! In this case, the best will go to Moscow and St. Petersburg, and we have not even clear who is to teach programming.

4. Why are there so few children write the exam in “mathematics”, despite the fact that computers are now everywhere? The fact that the collapse of the education system in the field of computer science is not so conspicuous. When the school has no math teacher or the Russian language, the parents start treating and make trouble. If there is no teacher, but the teacher of “physical culture” starts the kids in the computer room, they include “Tetris” and sees to it that they smashed it. Those who scored 100 points, mentioned in the diaries of five, and everyone is happy. The children are happy, they are not annoying, the parents are happy – the children of the five, the administration is happy – you can paint rate teacher and somehow support others.


5. In the end, it is clear that even if we now understand what is happening and immediately start to do something, then theoretically, the next 5 years, even the needs of the current economy will not be closed by the programmers. About the “Digital Economy” can only dream of, because the shortage is right!!! And unless someone has the illusion that at least some of the officials dare to admit the existence of a complete Ass? Do not be surprised that at the top genuinely believe that now they will form the battalions “Russian hackers” and cast them to the forefront of the “information war”. 🙁

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6. Outstanding Primorye region, where the collapse of the public administration has reached epic proportions, but hardly in the rest of Russia much better. Despite the fact that we have very talented children, it is the Foundation of the backlog of Russia for decades to come. And when you read about $ 20 billion in “sovereign Internet” delusional “Spring packages” or prohibition Telegram, just want to howl…”

A link to the data on the exam.


In Novosibirsk have not heard about the digital economy

The main idea of the businessman confirms, and post in FB policy Igor Drandin:

“Digital economy development in Russia is in full swing! Glavgosexpertiza of Novosibirsk has rejected the project of extending metro line is due to the fact that the documentation package was provided in PDF format.

Measures of Novosibirsk Anatoly Lokot said: “the documentation Package in electronic form was developed in the PDF and today other requirements and this format will not be accepted. The whole conflict is how to bring this format to the present, to be accepted. More there no no comments”.

“Everything here is great! – exclaims Grandin. – No doubt, Novosibirsk officials soon will bring the PDF to the present. So. Not idiotic claim invented by dinosaurs will finally change, and the format will bring. But it’s okay, there’s the mayor from the Communist party, dark man, with him to take?!

But 1.8 billion rubles is already reserved in the budget 2019 – 2020 for the transformation of the Russian Internet in a local network with access to the Internet. After this reform, you can gradually return the card, and documentation time is only in the form of rock paintings to take to the examination, and then who knows what…”

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