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Difficult child of Satan poster “Little evil” from Netflix

Samantha was his dream.

Lucas – his nightmare.

Recently we saw the first trailer for horror Comedy “Little evil”, designed for Netflix and original parody of the classical horror stories in the first place – the idea of the film “the omen.” The plot is:

Gary found the love of his life Samantha alone caring for his six-year old son Lucas. But after Lucas begins to give him orders in a low voice inhuman, and burn people alive, the hero thinks – could the child of his beloved at the same time to be the offspring of Satan himself? What words tells us the story of his conception, which turned out to be part of a demonic ritual.

On the movie poster flaunt his main stars comedian Adam Scott, the eternal Kate from “lost,” Evangeline Lilly , and young Owen Atlas. The premiere will take place on 1 September 2017.

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