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Different types of alcohol affect the body

Как разные виды алкоголя действуют на организмEach type of alcohol the features.

Among these alcohol lovers there is a popular view that different types of alcohol cause different symptoms of intoxication. For example, tequila makes us a little crazy, whiskey makes you rude, and wine can be depressed. The truth is that there is no clear scientific evidence of this fact is still not charged. Therefore, scientists tend to think that different emotions we experience not so much because of the alcohol, but because of the amount of alcohol consumed, the quality of the meals and the personal characteristics of the drinker.

For example, human memory is a much more powerful mechanism than we used to think, and it also influences the effect of alcohol. For example, your first drink was a gin and tonic and since then, every time you drink, you involuntarily feel the same emotions as the first time. However, despite the lack of evidence for the existence of different types of intoxication, clearly proved that alcohol causes a different kind of hangover. Therefore, the occasion to talk about the effects that produce in us a drink, of course.

Dark: whiskey, tequila, black rum

Dark alcohol is the worst hangover in your life because alcohol is the greatest number of complex organic molecules that are produced when alcohol is fermented in the body. It is these complex connections, by the way, give the drink a dark rich color and deep flavor. So it is possible to determine the degree of hangover, not even trying. For example, in Bourbon is 37 times more complex compounds than vodka. To experience a hangover, you don’t even have to drink a lot.

Bright: vodka, gin, light rum

Spirits that do not have intense colors, not that bad in terms of hangover symptoms, but more dangerous from the point of view of the intensity of intoxication. So you can drink two cups of vodka to get drunk more than the two glasses of whiskey, but to Wake up fresher the next morning. However in any case we should define the permissible dose.


Among other pleasant things hungover, beer will cause your intestines to swell. The drink itself is very much Kairouan, but also promotes the formation of gases because of its structure. So after a beer libations very difficult to sleep and in the morning to recover from failures in the gastrointestinal tract. By the way, hangover is not the worst beer later. Due to the high caloric content of this drink is traditionally fatty snacks under it, beer is considered to be the leaders in a number of types of alcohol, from which fattening. While you sleep, your liver processes the beer instead of having to deal with the disposal of absorbed fat along with it.

Red wine

Red wine tops the list of types of alcohol, from which comes the most brutal hangover. And the cheaper the wine, the worse the consequences will be due to the fact that the drink is more so-called congeners. Namely, they have a negative effect on the body. Also in the skin of red grapes a lot of melatonin – a chemical compound that regulates our sleep. So it is very likely that you’ll fall asleep before I get drunk.

White wine

Together with the intoxication of white wine comes drowsiness, because the grapes used to make white wine, too much melatonin. But at least the hangover will not be much different from the classical scheme of the effects of the vodka or rum. Tremor, headache, and nausea – all.


The intoxication from the champagne treacherously, as cunningly hangover from this drink. The secret is that you absorb it faster because of the ease and get drunk harder because bubbles of carbon dioxide and the total. Your hangover will not necessarily be worse than a hangover from whiskey, but will certainly come sooner. If the night is long, you can feel the headache even before sleep because alcohol is instantly absorbed into the bloodstream and begin to do its dirty work.

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