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Diet will help not only to lose weight

Диета поможет не только похудетьDieting will not only lose weight but also boost your brain power, scientists believe.

This is due to the activation of a particular protein that helps the brain stay young and healthy.

Scientists are advised to limit the intake of calories, as it gives the ability to “turn on” the genes associated with normal brain function. This statement was proved on the example of rodents. And earlier the experts found that low-calorie diet increases life expectancy, reduces the risk of dementia and other ailments. However, until recently they didn’t know exactly how it happens.

The discovery was made by employees of the Catholic University of the sacred Heart in Rome. They found that reducing caloric intake leads to activation of the protein CREB1. And he “included” genes associated with greater life expectancy. Scientists believe they will be able to use this discovery to obtain drugs, preserving the youthfulness of the brain.

By the way, it was found that CREB1 plays a key role from the point of view of memory and learning. But in mice whose calorie intake was reduced by 30%, was noted for its revitalization. In the end, the animals lived a third longer better remember things and pondered, to a lesser extent suffered from obesity, diabetes, they have slowly developing dementia and less likely to manifest aggression.

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