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Diet does not suit you: the signs of the wrong choice

Диета вам не подходит: признаки неправильного выбораWe forget to consider the fact that not all diets are equally effective.

It is clear that your diet is ineffective, if the weight is stubbornly standing still. But not the right power system can be calculated on other grounds.

You probably know that a beautiful figure and a good mood can only be obtained one way – eating properly. Diet, even a very popular health and beauty are usually not added, as the built in limitations. Nevertheless, for Express results the majority of women is going on a diet, mentally while preparing for the mood swings, the pangs of conscience and the unpleasant feeling of hunger.

However, these common side effects diets are sometimes added symptoms that are worth paying attention to. They – a sure sign that the chosen strategy of power does not suit you and even dangerous for health.

Low energy level
If you Wake up overwhelmed, can’t focus without coffee, through the power train and do some sluggish, don’t need to be a physician to assume – your body does not get enough nutrients for normal operation. Most diets are built on restriction, but the human body nature intended so that for the life of him need the whole range of fats, proteins and carbohydrates in a the evolution of the ratio. This imbalance is not critical within a week or two, but if you feel a lack of energy and lack of vitality a month or more, the diet is clearly dangerous for the body.

Brittle nails, dull hair, dull skin
Errors in the selection of a diet is always the first beat in appearance. Painful thinness, or, conversely, weight gain, problem skin, gray complexion – all this gives wrong feeding people. Agree, the war on weight is not worth the sacrifice, because to lose them is possible without strict diets. However, to solve some problems with appearance due to dietary restrictions, use of vitamin-mineral complexes. But remember that they should appoint a physician after a thorough analysis of your condition.

Sleep problems
Stress of any nature, including those associated with nutrition, often manifests itself in insomnia. Experts attribute such problems as excessive sleepiness, tendency to interrupted sleep patterns, difficulty falling asleep, lack of nutrients in the diet and recommend to listen carefully to the signals of the body. The disturbance of circadian rhythms, studies show, can hinder weight loss and, therefore, wasp diet is not only exhausting, but futile.

Ideally should slightly remind myself three or four times a day. If your thoughts are hovering around food all day, a situation best discussed with a dietitian and/or psychologist working with eating disorders. Whichever power system you may choose, to starve you should not – it is an axiom.

Breaking the loop
Delicate female body is able to tolerate many of the experiments, but the absence of menstruation – a very strong symptom of his malady.

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