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Died writer Andrew Cruz, Creator of “Era of the dead”

Another sad news. Died Andrew Cruz, a famous writer, the author of cycles “Era of the dead” and “Land of excess”.

This was told by Maria Cruz, the wife of the writer, who often worked with him in co-authorship:

With a heavy heart and deep sadness I regret to inform that Andrew left this world. We all hoped for a miracle and I believe that we will win the disease. But unfortunately, the fight was unequal from the very beginning.
I always knew he was strong and fearless man. So he stayed to the end! Bedridden, he never complained and never showed his suffering. Fearless, brave, proud, kind, generous, cheerful and with a sense of dignity … so it was 22 years ago, when I first saw him, and until his retirement this morning. Believe that the father of my children was in the best of their fascinating worlds, where he was just that good!
I ask you to pray with our family for Andrew.
Thank you all for the support you have given to us all this time. To him it was necessary and important!

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7 December 2017, the network appeared the information that Cruz was diagnosed with cancer. Began collecting funds for treatment, but according to the writer, it was too serious. In the end, the disease was stronger.

Cruz has been actively published since the end of zero. On account of his more than three dozen novels and a pair of running megaverse universes. Fans of dark literature, he is known primarily as the Creator of the series “Era of the dead”, which describes the world of the zombie Apocalypse. His books always distinguished attention to the weapons, gear and technique, because the author is very well versed in the subject and was the owner of the gun store and shooting club.

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Andrew Cruz was 53 years old.

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