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Died William Goldman, screenwriter of film adaptations of Stephen king

On 87 year of life has died the writer and screenwriter William Goldman – winner of two awards “Oscar” for “best adapted screenplay”. Among his works is the Thriller “the Stepford wives” and “the Ghost and the Darkness”, a drama “Papillon” with Dustin Hoffman, the cult Western “Butch Cassidy and the Sundance kid”. The dark fans of the genre are familiar with the three film adaptations of Stephen king that had a hand in Goldman’s “misery”, “Hearts in Atlantis” and “Dreamcatcher”</strong>. Personally, I think all three films are just wonderful.

William began his career after courses creative writing in College, where his work was awarded the rating of “awful.” The editor of a magazine even advised a beginning writer to be published anonymously. However, Goldman did not give up and continued to create his first novel, “Temple of gold”, was published in 1957 and sold very well. Later, William would write the famous “Marathon man” and “the Princess bride”, which will take the world-famous films.

Goldman remarkably mastered the art of storytelling and the revival of interest among its readers and future viewers of the paintings in his scripts. The last of his known work was the script for the Thriller “Wild card,” the film which was shot by Simon West with Jason Stateman in the title role.

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