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Died, watching at the snow

And you say – coronavirus.
She lives, you know, generally unpredictable. Can happen anything and no one knows where we are face-to-face meet Uninvited.

Погиб, засмотревшись на снег

I want to send greetings to all antireligioznik, sure that the habit of measles and polio detrimental impact on the health of their child, but they honestly did not want to discuss.

Every year from ischemic heart disease in the world kills 15 million people, but I’ve never seen people with packs stood in the queue for a preventive appointment with a cardiologist or polls in sports, fearing your premature death.

About the number of patients with HIV, I generally keep quiet.
Alarmists, where are you?
Or is it just because people are afraid of the unknown garbage, because the usual diseases we are all too familiar, but to shit – no. We fear the unknown and to make her meet his bold step – not in a hurry. Cautious. Hiding with the mask in hand and wait for the vaccine…

Again, guys, Caesar, so, of course, handles don’t forget to wash, but also to the adequacy of the Granny’s box try not to hide.
For example, recently in Moscow there was a case of gross negligence, when a Tourist from India, came on vacation, so began to play with the snow, which had never seen in my life that fell under the train and died.

The train driver failed to brake urgently before jumped in front of the locomotive 33-year-old Indian. From blow it has thrown to the side.
“My brother has never seen snow. So it yesterday in good spirits, along with three relatives played in the snow. Unfortunately, the man didn’t notice the part,” – said a friend of the deceased.
On Sunday, the Indian had to go back home…

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