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Died the oldest man on Earth

Скончался самый старый человек на ЗемлеMale Indonesian claimed that he was 146 years.

Male-Indonesian, who claimed that he was 146 years old, died in his village in Central Java. According to his documents, Sodimico, also known under the name of IBA, Photo (grandpa Photo), was born in December 1870.

While in Indonesia, official registration of births only began in 1900, and the error with the year of birth is not uncommon. But, as said Bi-bi-si, the local authorities, documents of his grandfather, Photo was genuine.

Due to deteriorating health he was hospitalized on April 12. Six days later he insisted on discharge and returned home. “After he returned from the hospital, he could eat only a few spoonfuls of porridge and drink some water,” said bi-Bi-si, his grandson Cuanto.

IBA, Photo until his death was a heavy smoker. He was survived by four wives, 10 brothers and sisters and all their children. In his village, Photo grandfather was a hero, famous for his stories about the war with the Japanese and Dutch colonizers.

According to independent experts, grandfather, Photo was older than French woman Jeanne Louise calment who died in 1997 aged 122 years. He was considered the oldest person in the world in the era of recorded history.

Recently, Italian Emma Morano, who was considered the oldest man on Earth died at the age of 117 years and 137 days.

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