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Died Russian musician, who was removed from the plane because of the “smell”

Умер российский музыкант, которого сняли с самолета из-за "запаха"As it became known, in the hospital of Portugal died on the Russian rock musician Andrey Suchilin, who previously was removed from the flight because of the stench that the other passengers started vomiting.

About it reports the edition “Komsomolskaya Pravda” citing a close friend of guitarist Lydia Tikhonovich.

On 31 may, the plane, EN route from Amsterdam to the Canary Islands, made an emergency landing in Portugal due to the unbearable smell in the cabin. The passenger, who was the source of the smell, were landed from the aircraft. It turned out].

As it turned out, the cause was infectious disease. The musician began tissue necrosis. Shortly after the incident on Board Suchilin was in intensive care and in a coma. Doctors were unable to save the patient’s life, which was done several operations.

Andrei Suchilin in 1981 he created the group “C major”, and was also one of the founders of the Moscow rock laboratory. He was considered one of the best rock guitarists of the USSR and Russia.

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