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Died legendary producer of “Rambo”

Скончался легендарный продюсер "Рэмбо"Andrew George Vajna was born on August 1, 1944 in Budapest.

Sunday, January 20, at his home in Budapest after a long illness died legendary film producer Andrew Vajna. He was 74 years old. It vine together with his business partner Mario Kassar took the first three parts of “Rambo”, two parts “Terminator”, “total Recall” and other cult Hollywood blockbuster. Millions of visitors of the salons in the former Soviet republics still remember the phrase that has been used in the beginning of many views: “Mario Kassar and Andrew Vajna present…”

In 1956, after the suppression of the Communist regime the Hungarian uprising, he emigrated with the help of the red cross in Canada. He was 12 years old, he knew English and French. Soon, his parents fled Hungary to the United States. The family reunited in Los Angeles.

Andrew after leaving school he entered the University of California. There he studied film. At the same time worked as a hairdresser. After graduating, vine opened her own photo Studio. The case was a success, but its development was prevented by an accident – Andrew, skiing, broke his leg. The injury was so serious that he spent nine months could not take pictures. The Studio had to sell.

Vine again took up hair styling. Here in California just got his childhood friend gábor Koltay, and together they opened the firm to produce wigs high quality. Their products attracted the interest of Hollywood studios. Vine, developing the business, went to Hong Kong. There he opened his own company Gilda Fashion, which is also manufactured wigs. In 1973, Andrew sold it and decided to do the film. There in Hong Kong, he opened a production firm Panasia Films Limited. She was so good that the famous Hong Kong producer Raymond Chow saw a Vine of a competitor and quickly bought his firm. Panasia Films Limited joined the company Chou Golden Harvest.

In 1975, vine appeared at the International film festival in Cannes. There, he met film producer Mario Kassar offered him some interesting ideas. They immediately signed a partnership agreement and open a joint company Carolco. Their business they began in a little office on Melrose Avenue in Los Angeles. Their tables barely fit in the room. Mario and Andrew were facing each other. Vine wife and girlfriend Kassar performed the duties of secretaries. Carolco first few years engaged in the sale of rental rights. American movies were offered to European cinema networks and European – American.

In 1982 Vajna and Kassar took the risk to invest in the filming of “First blood”. The main role in it played Sylvester Stallone. The gunman waited for a big commercial success. Box office worldwide box office amounted to $ 120 million. In 1985, Carolco released the second part – “Rambo II”. This film has collected more than $ 300 million.

The success was noticeable. With Carolco would like to work with many Directors and actors. Followed by a series of successful fighters and thrillers, which immediately received cult status: “angel Heart” with Mickey Rourke and Robert de Niro, “Red heat” with Arnold Schwarzenegger, “johnny Handsome” with Mickey Rourke, “the Music box” with Jessica Lange, “total Recall” with Arnold Schwarzenegger, “air America” with Mel Gibson and Robert Downey Jr., “Narrow margin” with Gene Hackman.

In 1989, Vajna sold his interest in Carolco and founded his own company, Cinergi Pictures. The first movie she produced was the “medicine man” with Sean Connery. Then followed the “Color of night” with Bruce Willis and “a Renaissance Man” with Danny DeVito. Director John McTiernan was removed from the Vine the third part of “die hard” Willis. Stallone produced with Cinergi fiction Thriller “Judge Dredd”.

Then followed a few movies, unusual for Vine – “the scarlet letter” with demi Moore and Gary Oldman as viad, “Nixon” with Anthony Hopkins, “Evita” with Madonna. In the late 90s, the producer returned to his native Hungary. There he was welcomed warmly, because for his work in Hollywood vine don’t forget about the Motherland. He tried to make films in the pavilions of the film Studio “Mafilm”, thus giving the opportunity to earn its employees. Having settled in Budapest, he established partnerships with Mario Cassar, and again they began to make films together. In particular, he released “Terminator 3: rise of the machines” and “Terminator: salvation”.

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