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Died actor Robert Kerman (“cannibal Holocaust”)

Sorry to post such news on the eve of new year holidays, but for ardent fans of the horror genre in General, and extreme horror in particular is almost a tragedy. Thursday, 27 December 2018 on 72-m to year of life died actor Robert Kerman, forever included in the history of the genre thanks to roles in the cult tape “cannibal Holocaust”.

Robert Charles Kerman (Robert Charles Kerman) probably was not a great actor, though he received during his career, some of the award is not among the most famous. He began acting in the 1970s, with roles in porn films, for which he received one hundred dollars per day of shooting. Experts say that under various pseudonyms, he played in more than a hundred pornographic movies of the time. In further Kerman managed to get to another level in film and television, but the main role in life Robert was the anthropologist Harold Munroe in the film the 1980 release of “cannibal Holocaust” (Cannibal Holocaust).

The film, shot by Italian Ruggero Deodato for a measly hundred thousand dollars, at the time was banned in many countries, but is now considered to be classics of world cinema and horror films – including tape, much ahead of his time and the founder of the sub-genres “mocumentary” (pseudo-documentary) and “faund-footage”. At one time, “cannibal Holocaust” has launched a wave of “cannibalistic” films “Hell of cannibals 2” and “Cannibals” Umberto Lenzi Kerman also starred.

Kerman, according to the memoirs of his colleagues, all my life I dreamed about the really big roles and the “breakthrough” on the top of the Hollywood Olympus, but recognition in the mainstream art never received. However, several generations of filmmakers grew up on his “cannibalistic” roles and at least two of them paid tribute to the influence of Kerman and his films of the genre: Sam Raimi invited Robert for a role in “spider-Man” in 2002, and Fred Dekker took him in a small role in his famous horror film “Night of nightmares”.

Rest in peace, Dr. Munroe…

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