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Die later, get less.The state Duma will cut pension of Russians.

Умри позже, получай меньше.Госдума урежет накопительные пенсии россиян.

The state Duma will cut pension of the Russians under the pretext of increasing life expectancy.

State Duma deputies on Thursday, supported in the first reading a bill that increases for six months in the expected period of payment of pension. For those who are not aware that the document may seem insignificant and passing. But in reality we are talking about reducing payments to those who live to retirement.

Outset, informed the MPs not to raise the retirement age, entitled to receive the pension (there are more insurance — old-age). So, under the new legislation, to claim this part of the retired women will be able already at the age of 55 and men at 60 years. But in practice almost nobody does and required by law, the money lying in a savings accounts before “normal” retirement — new rules 60 and 65 years respectively.

As is known, the accumulative part of pensions of citizens of the mandatory monthly contributions of the employer or of future retirees in the amount of 6% of salary. The money accumulated in the account in a Pension Fund or in private pension funds. The cumulative part yields the “live boost” to the real average pension is one thousand rubles a month. If citizens did not pay this fee, they receive from the state once a year lump sum payment.

And this is not the most significant amount is literally not haunted by the officials and deputies for several years. Or rather, in 2014, when the government proposed to introduce a moratorium on the payment of the pension and every year since then, it extends now to 2022. However, if you add up all these money, the total savings will amount to 2.2 trillion rubles, reported earlier in the Ministry of Finance (e.g. expenditure budget of Moscow for 2020 — 3.15 trillion rubles).

Now the deputies on the proposal of the government once again increased and the expected period of payment of pension. Note, this is done regularly, 2016, and each time the “period of survival” new retirees raise for six months. Thus, in 2020 this figure will amount to 258 months, and by 2024, it will increase already to 320 months.

In other words, the government and the state Duma proceeds from the assumption that each new generation of retirees will live longer. But in practice, the annual increase in the “time of survival” came into the retirement age means that the size of their pension will be less than that of its predecessors. This was confirmed at the meeting of the state Duma and the head of the Duma Committee on labour and social policy Yaroslav Nilov. “The government of part of the pension is a numbers game”, he said. And “Eser” Dmitry Jonas estimated that in the result of such manipulation funded pension may be abated by 5%.

Other MPs drew attention to the data of Rosstat on the basis of which the government and making projections of life expectancy in Russia. “Statistics produces such gems who will not dock to any economic indicators, and because I want to give to wishful thinking” — outraged the Communist Nikolay Arefyev. Other members drew attention to the fact that half of Russian men generally die before their time and “will not receive pensions, they now cut.”

“The budget is made up with a surplus, and the rights of pensioners are being cut. The state has funds to assist the poorest in our country, and that pensioners and families with many children”, — continued the theme and “SR” Valery Hartung. However, United Russia Svetlana Bessarab assured that no cuts of pensions will not. “Despite the increase period, the amount of the pension does not change and is 700 rubles per month”, — said the Deputy. Representatives of the government who took part in the discussion, did not give any clear explanation on this account.

Meanwhile, in the near future, the deputies will discuss the government bill on the replacement of the current funded pensions “guaranteed pension plan”. The new rules should enter into force in 2021, and many in the Duma are afraid that the Russians will have to say goodbye to their retirement savings.

No one on Okhotny Ryad remembers about the national welfare Fund (NWF), which was created to “co-Finance voluntary pension savings of Russian citizens and to balance the Federal budget and the budget of the Pension Fund of the Russian Federation” (quote according to the Budget code of the Russian Federation).

And if so, why is the government not returns on individual accounts “frozen” pension savings and does not index pensions to working pensioners, although the size of the NWF has exceeded 8 trillion roubles?

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