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Diana’s mom Shurygino wrote a post-confession, stating that their family lives in fear

Six months ago, the court issued a verdict in the case of rape 17-year-old Diana Shurygina. 21-year-old Sergei Semenov was sentenced to 3.3 years imprisonment. Since then, the life of a family of Shurygino deteriorated. A cry from the heart has shared the girl’s mother, writing a post-confession.

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After Sergei was put on Shurygina hunt began. They ridiculed MPs, bloggers and ordinary users of the Network. “I was beaten in Ulyanovsk. Husband is already here in Moscow. Daughter was robbed. We’re afraid to write a statement on criminals. And suddenly they find! And poison will be even stronger”, — complains Natalia Shurygina (Spelling and punctuation authors hereinafter. — Approx. ed.).

Moreover, Diana’s parents after the scandal remained without work and therefore without money: “Children do not learn, there is no money. Although our type of fees to be assessed by all and Sundry. Once again on the street to get scary,” says Natalia.

Diana’s mom admitted that they are ready to go anywhere, just to live “a full life, not to exist”.

She also said that they no longer have the strength to deal with everything that’s happening: “the Persecution our family continues. No moral can’t stand it anymore, the fear became a constant companion of our lives. No confidence in the future”.

Sergey Semenov with his sister

Natalia is sure that the persecution is arranged by the sister of the convicted Sergei, “She began to gather from social networks pictures of my daughter, as well as foreign girls indicates that it is. She also contacted his friend from the newspaper Live and started writing articles vilify us and our daughter. Yes, and still writing. Making sure each step was smearing her name in all articles. Semenov did not stop there. Turned in the gear where we were simply trampled and humiliated”.

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