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Dialogue with the priests, the rock festival and five ranks of riot police

Диалог со священниками, рок-фестиваль и пять рядов ОМОН

What happened in Yekaterinburg on the third day of protest in defense of the square. Briefly

In Ekaterinburg the third day of the ongoing spontaneous protest of the defenders of the Park near the drama Theatre, where you are going to build the Church of St. Catherine. On Wednesday participants of the action, the feelings, became more — the correspondents the action went from three to five thousand people. A source in the police said about two thousand. The action began peacefully, the protesters came to the priests, but over the fact that the rally participants were again squeezed out of the square the riot police, using batons. Were detained about 60 people.

Today the contractor began to install in the square major fence, so another day in the Park started to come people. One girl named Elvira chained herself to a tree inside the perimeter, but it was soon removed and taken to the police station where you made an administrative Protocol. In addition, the courts all day considered the case under article 20.1 of the administrative code (“Petty hooliganism”) against the detainees on Tuesday, 17 people were arrested for a term of three to ten days.

During the day the square was attended by security forces — the police and riot police, including from Nizhny Tagil and Chelyabinsk region. By 18:30 the police today are dressed in helmets, blocked the access to the waterfront, each slaughtered in the square piles standing strongman. In the Park by that time had already gathered a few dozen people, to the fence they did not answer, but simply looked at him, sitting on the grass or standing. Police briefly detained several of the kids noticed yesterday. They inspected the bags, checked the documents, checked for alcohol by the smell, a few people were released. Three, as told member of Public monitoring Committee Sergey Zykov, after all, was taken to the police Department № 9, with parents called, they were not allowed, but adolescents at this time, searched and fingerprinted. Parents have written the application in police, says human rights activist.

The main part of the action, like yesterday, began at 19:00. The first few hours the campaign was maximum peace and quiet: in different parts of the music sounded like live, and from the speakers. The people hardly came up to the fence, except for a few young people who, one after another, a long time staring into the eyes of the security forces cordon.

Today, square came back Archpriest Maxim moneychanger yesterday he beginning of the action and almost to the end talked to her participants, arguing, explaining why you need to build a temple. Today he did the same before midnight he was in the square and spoke with the activists. The night for him lined up, who took the part of the Park.

Together with the moneychanger to activists came another priest and some supporters of the construction of the temple. The evening showed that dialogue is demanded by the activists for an hour, the protesters broke into groups around each supporter of the temple, talked and argued with them. Overall, except for a few moments, the communication was correct.

A few hours the action took place quietly and resembled a rock festival: there’s live music, flutes, Jew’s harps, small brass band, the artists drew sketches, and some activists staged a spooky performances with blood. No one chanted slogans as the day before.

At 21:30 in the square began announced the flash mob participants were shining in the sky lanterns, mostly on phones. During this action, the protesters came to life, began chanting “Park!” and “This is our city!” as well as “Referendum!” In the crowd lit a flare, and somewhere closer to the water there was a short fireworks display. According to the site ItsMyCity, it was made by a street artist Timofey Radya.

As in the previous two days, some times anonymous ordered the protesters pizza, coffee, and brought water, someone put in a Park setting with wireless charging for phones. As before, the activists cleaned up after himself.

Meanwhile, the riot police surrounded the fence, who all this time continued to install by welding, in two rows. The clashes with the police began at about 23:00 when someone threw a bottle over the fence. During the night, the protesters are pretty much just throwing in the riot of bottles, stones and even eggs. Some protesters and journalists, including correspondents consider that in the crowd there were a lot of provocateurs who urged on the people around be more active.

23:00 the riot police started to gradually squeeze the people from the Park. Soon the participants realized the tactics of the security forces: approximately every five minutes, the riot police began to move the crowd, then three or four people ran out and snatched the most active people, who later were taken into paddy wagons. The detention was carried out rather harshly: people were laying on the ground, wringing his hands, at least one handcuffed, carried by the arms and legs. Several times riot police have used batons against protesters particularly active.

“In my thighs and on hands bruises. I stood in the front ranks, the riot police came over, I backed off. Policeman as my hand grabbed, I almost fell,” — said one of the detainees.

While activists clashed with riot police at the fence in the far side of the Park, near the fountain and drama Theatre, the protest took place calmly continued to play music, people talked and had fun. When sitting on the grass was approaching riot police, and his team in a rough form demanded to leave. Some of the grass was still things that the security forces threw cordon.

With the beginning of active actions on the part of Riot police in the square there are fewer people. The tension intensified, the crowd began to hear clapping. Still not known who exploded firecrackers — part of the eyewitness believes that they blew up the fence, part of it was blown up among the protesters. After each cottonseed, the riot police started an offensive.

As you approach the chain of the riot police to the fountain, the onset occurred more often, and the seizures were increasing. At some point the security forces lined up in front of protesters in five rows. To 01:30 the Park was completely denuded of activists. In the end, the riot police completely surrounded not only square, but the square. After that, the protesters began to run from riot police to the Yeltsin Center, people were detained in front of the drama Theatre. Within a few minutes the number of people who were brought to the paddy increased from 27 to 47 people. Among the detainees was the coordinator of the Sverdlovsk branch of the “Open Russia” Vladislav Postnikov, which in this day worked in promotions as a journalist — he was the stream on the page of the community “Typical Ekaterinburg” the social network “Vkontakte”.

When fountain left a few people, most of the security forces plunged into Trucks and drove away from the area. In parting, the activists shouted riot, “see you tomorrow!” However, after a few minutes, the police returned detained absolutely everyone who remained in the square. All checked documents and released only to journalists. The remaining were loaded into a police UAZ and drove away.

According to estimates by human rights activists of the movement “Russia for freedom” and the correspondent who was on duty at police vehicles, during a protest detained 47 people. Seven young people, including minors, were detained before 19:00. During a recent “breakthrough” at the same time detained 14 people. Total today was detained 68 people. However, official data might be different.

A chronicle of the campaign can be found in our online broadcasting.

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