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Diabetics are advised to frequently have chilli pepper

Диабетикам советуют чаще есть перец чилиThe use of hot pepper can be used in the treatment of diabetes and colitis, as identified by scientists.

This product contains a component that ‘calms’ the intestines.

Type one diabetes is an incurable hereditary disorder, but hot chili pepper, as it turns out, is able to help its victims, and even to form the basis for the creation of new treatments for colitis. In the use of pepper in the human body produces a component that comes in contact with the receptor of the stomach, thereby soothing the intestines. Researchers from the University of Connecticut fed laboratory mice with diabetes peppers. It turned out that this product has reduced the level of intestinal inflammation, and in some cases even reversed the symptoms of type I diabetes.

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The pepper came in contact with the receptor TRPV1, which is contained in the intestine, esophagus and pancreas. After that, the body was made endogenous cannabinoid neurotransmitter called anandamide, forcing the immune system of mice to calm down by reducing inflammation. The same effect is achieved when used directly anandamide. To reduce inflammation of the pancreas helps in the treatment of diabetes, as this organ is responsible for insulin production and blood sugar levels. The victims of diabetes noted an excess of sugar, as their pancreas is not able to regulate it.

The results of this study also raise new questions about the relationship of the immune system, intestine and brain. Scientists are still conducting experiments with mice to find out whether anandamide to treat bowel disorders like colitis.

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