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Devic can end a career

Девич может завершить карьеруThe former striker of the national team of Ukraine Marko Devic in the status of a free agent looking for a new club, but may refuse to continue my career.

Devic at the end of last week left Rostov and became a free agent. Naturalized Ukrainian, known for her performances in “Metalist” and “Shakhtar” in 33 years is thinking about retiring from football.

“I will look for a new team. The transfer window will be open for 2 months. I hope I find some kind of optimal for yourself and family option. I would like to play. Now a definite priority to go to that team where I will play.

To be honest, was already thinking about retirement. This option is likely 20%. I’m tired of it all, not playing football. Physically, I feel very good, could still play. If you find any option then play another 1-2 years,” said Devic in an interview to “Football 24”.

After leaving Metalist’s Devic’s career went on the decline, “Julia” naturalized Serb to play could not, and in “Chicago” for six months in all the tournaments played only six matches in which he scored one goal.

In the history of the national team of Ukraine Marko Devic became like the first player, who scored a hat-trick. This event took place in October 2013 in the qualifying match for the world Cup qualifier against San Marino.

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