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Development plan Frostpunk promises a few free updates

План по развитию Frostpunk обещает несколько бесплатных обновленийThe game will add a Survivor mode, which will be a real challenge.

The developers Frostpunk published in the Steam community plans for the development of the project in the coming months, including with regards to the release of free updates. They tried to consider all advice and wishes of the fans.

For example, the game will add a Survivor mode, which will be a real test for those with a high level of complexity seemed easy. Mode will appear in June and will include new special modifiers, significantly complicating survival.

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Another mode is called Endurance. Many fans Frostpunk asked to add a kind of endless “sandbox”, and it will offer Endurance. It is also planned to add more features for customization of humans and automaton. First, they’ll just give the names but then the list of options is expanded.

The major update called the Builders will also be released in 2018, it will add to the project a completely new story. But in the details while the authors do not want to go. Another mystery is connected with photoregion Winter Snapshots — it will allow players to capture the beautiful moments during the passage. The developers plan a associated surprise.

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