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Developed weight loss method when you do not need to diet

Разработан метод похудения, когда не нужно сидеть на диетеNo need to diet – you need to adjust the time of use of the products dangerous for the figure.

To use this strategy for weight loss invited experts from the USA.

“To set restrictions on a particular food stupid, but also don’t abuse food, to overeat”, – said the head of the study, neuroscientist Frank Scheer. He suggested that those who want to lose weight, a kind of technique.

The way to become slimmer is to eat as much as you need to saturate the body, but strictly no overeating. In addition, you must carefully observe the mealtime. According to the concept of Dr. Scheer, high-calorie foods containing fat and sugar should be consumed strictly before 15:00. Then you can eat only products which do not contain these ingredients.

To prove the effectiveness of this method, the doctor presented the results of the experiment, which was attended by more than 400 volunteers. People were divided into two groups: the first ate a high-calorie meals up to three hours a day and on the second all day, but at the same time adhering to the dietary principle of reducing portions.

In summing up the results revealed that although become slimmer are members of both groups, the first group reached the higher levels in losing weight.

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