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Developed a prototype of a bendable 3D smartphone

Разработан прототип гнущегося 3D-смартфонаHoloFlex — the invention of canadian developers that will allow you to keep virtual reality in the palm of your hand.

Now many developers are working on virtual reality devices that can be attached to the person and get a breathtaking three-dimensional effect of presence.

A new prototype smartphone, called HoloFlex, developed in the laboratory of Human Media Lab, based in Kingston. Actually image, which demonstrates HoloFlex, not float above the screen but have a depth that allows an ordinary picture to appear three-dimensional. However, no points to make full use of smartphone is not required, all of this optical magic is happening directly on the OLED display.

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Due to the fact that the image is projected through the array of microlenses with uncorrected distortion, and printed on a 3D printer, the resolution of 3D images at the moment is quite modest, only 160 x 104 pixel. The user can adjust the image depth by itself, just cranking device. Bending the display, you can push to bring themselves to objects, and even edit them. In the game Angry Birds by bending you can shoot. Another demonstration is also impressive: the developers have shown the ability to turn pages by bending.

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Unfortunately, despite the fact that we all want to feel new, working, by the way, on a normal Android 5.1, will take a very long time before such devices will be sold in stores. But sorry, holographic 3D display, which can be input bending is cool!

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