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Detour of sanctions: Railways will launch in the Crimea is not his company

В объезд санкций: РЖД запустит в Крым не свою компанию

After the construction of the railway bridge in the Crimea, in the unit “and we have nothing to do with it” has arrived, meet… Instead of the usual JSC “RZD” on the Peninsula will go to the cars of the Crimean railway. How did this happen?

1. Railways, who persistently referred to the JSC, despite the fact that this legal form was abolished, are wholly owned by the state.

2. The Crimean railway — the Federal state unitary enterprise, owned by Russia and controlled by the Federal Agency for railway transport (“Roszheldor”).

3. Dividends to the sole shareholder of JSC “Russian Railways” offers to pay cars. They will go out of ownership of state AO in the state. The state will give these cars the Crimea, and they will move from state ownership to state property FGUP. In 2018, Russian Railways received RUB 18.4 billion. profits and agreed to pay dividends to cars and property on 12 billion rubles.

4. The Peninsula will go to the Crimean railway wagons not related to OAO “RZHD”.

On the one hand, found how to get around the sanctions – well done. And on the other hand – a shame. We are the fifth year afraid than angry, and give some reason for new sanctions. Yes, of course, it may be better to save jobs, the capitalization of the Russian business abroad, partners in activities, but everything has a limit.

How much longer that will last? While everyone understands that the reason for the sanctions still will, but in Crimea there live people and they don’t have to be Russians other varieties and considered to be some sort of toxic, which are “better suited to once again”! And the fact that they have some “counterparts” often adds a lot of problems and inconveniences, compared with the same process on the rest of the country. Yes and use some “counterparts” for many years, on the territory of their own country, that someone is not angry, is still a shameful situation.

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