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Determined the accuracy of heart rate monitor Apple Watch

Определили точность пульсометра Apple WatchApple Watch measure heart rate much more accurately than the competition.

This conclusion was made by employees of Stanford University, conducting an independent study involving 60 volunteers.

Built-in heart rate monitor worked so precisely that surpassed even the “reference” solution from Mio.

Most accurate scanner of the cardiac rhythm that is built into Apple Watch works when the pulse is measured during training on a stationary bike. The total number of mistakes made in hours, not exceed the statistical error and almost completely corresponds to the results of the electrocardiogram.

“The watch will measure heart rate even better than we could have predicted, says Stanford University Professor young Ashley. — The function of tracking calories is still far from perfect. This setback has surprised us no less than the success of the heart rate monitor”.

Worst of all, according to the researchers, showed himself watch Gear S2 from Samsung. They made more total errors as when measuring heart rate of the subjects, and the calculation of the amount of spent calories. The maximum error allowed Gear S2, 20% vs 2% Apple Watch.

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