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Detected an unexpected harmful properties of dried fruits

Обнаружены неожиданные вредные для здоровья свойства сухофруктовDried fruits can provoke serious diseases.

Experts in nutrition said that beautiful and attractive kind of dried fruits with a high probability speaks about the presence of chemical preservatives. Dried fruit without any “chemistry” look modest and presentable, experts say.

Doctors have shared their opinion on what is useful and dangerous fruits. The use of these fruits is associated with a large number of valuable vitamins and other healthy nutrition trace elements – their use improves the bacterial flora in the intestines, which activates the immune system and metabolism.

At the same time, the experts warn: the attractive and appetizing in appearance the dried fruits can present a threat to health. So, according to them, a perfect view of the dried apricots indicates the presence of sulphur dioxide SO2, or otherwise, preservative E220. Natural dried apricots nondescript in appearance — treated with preservative has a bright orange color without dark points, and on its surface has a barely noticeable film. Various scientific studies provide evidence that sulphur dioxide has a destructive impact on vitamin B1, needed for healthy brain function, heart and the hematopoietic system.

Manufacturers of dried fruit is commonly used caustic soda NaOH, which is known as a food additive Е524. In particular, it is treated with dried prunes, raisins (even olives).

According to scientists, in large quantities the Supplement is able to provoke serious digestive diseases.In addition, the dried fruit can process food dyes. In the dried apricots and raisins bright shades such dyes may be present for sure, because the natural fruits darken when dry.

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