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Details released of wrestler Daffney Unger’s tragic death after star’s disturbing last Instagram post

Known as ‘Scream Queen’ in her professional days before retiring in 2011, 46-year-old Unger caused concern when filming herself with the weapon and speaking on camera.

Police went to her address in Norcross, Georgia, 20 miles from the state capital Atlanta and first knocked on the door to no answer.

A few hours later, they then returned and spotted Unger’s car parked nearby.

Though a maintenance man gave them a key to try and gain access, the deadbolt didn’t unlock meaning they required the help of the local fire department to break her door down.

Upon finally entering, they discovered Unger – real name Shannon Spruill – already deceased and laying on her bed.  

As explained by TMZ, the Gwinnett County Police Department’s report ruled that Unger’s death came as a result of “an apparent gunshot wound to the chest.”

However, the medical examiner dealing with the case is still yet to determine an official cause of death.

Battling mental health issues and urging others with similar obstacles to get help in the past, Unger made comments where she suggested she was suffering from CTE – or chronic traumatic encephalopathy (CTE) – which is a degenerative brain condition triggered by repeat concussions.

“The most important thing to remember is that CTE and head injuries and concussions, they can only really now be…,” she trailed off.

“They can now really only be diagnosed after you are dead. So, I don’t want to do anything to hurt my brain. I want to be studied,” the former WCW and TNA pin-up insisted.

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Sobbing in the clip she uploaded to Instagram, Unger asked: “Do you guys not understand that I am all alone? Do you not understand that?”

Remember, my brain goes to Boston,” she also stated.

Wrestling superstar Mick Foley, best known as Mankind in his WWE days, led a campaign to reach Unger to no avail when the post in question was made, and was left to mourn her passing along with fellow former colleagues and fans worldwide.

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