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Destroyer of the Soviet system

Разрушитель советской системы

Thirty-five years ago, the head of the Sverdlovsk regional party Committee Boris Yeltsin moved to Moscow. Mikhail Gorbachev at first opposed it — they knew each other since the late seventies, and didn’t get along. But in 1985 it was not until mutual resentment: the restructuring required new personnel. Energetic and young leader of Sverdlovsk has long been in the field of view of the Central Committee. How was his political career in the Soviet period, recalls RIA Novosti.
“He did not hesitate to talk to people”

“Gorbachev, Yeltsin, our people! We must take it,” urged Yegor Ligachev, head of the Department of the CPSU Central Committee for organizational and party work and ideology. Gorbachev hesitated, but still listen to the opinion of senior colleagues.

The head of Sverdlovsk in the early 1980s drew the attention of Yuri Andropov. The Chairman of the KGB was impressed that Yeltsin acted against bureaucratic privileges.

However, in a move he agreed immediately. In Sverdlovsk he was known and respected. When in the city began to build a subway, built a new theatre and circus. A finally moved from the barracks into a modern apartment. In oblast center organized fairs with scarce goods.

Every decision had to negotiate with Moscow and convince the Central Committee. But Yeltsin was punching head.

He visited factories and shops, use public transport, standing in line for food. Colleagues in the regional Committee felt that this work on the audience. But ordinary people thought otherwise.

“He could at any day to take the tram or the bus and take a ride on route, hear what people say, how the work of transport, how the city looks. He did not hesitate to descend into the mine, go to the blast furnace, talk to people,” recalled the Ural journalist Grigory Kaeta.

Разрушитель советской системы

The first Secretary of the Moscow city Committee of the CPSU Boris Yeltsin over the meeting of party activists in Moscow

In the mid-seventies Yeltsin was one of the first regional leaders began to hold public meetings. His demanding was asked: “Why in the hostel dampness and a lot of cockroaches?” Threw on the stage notes: “Why in the Conservatory are forced to play instruments with broken strings?” Shouted after him: “Why do stores no tea and linen?”

Yeltsin patiently answered, but mountains of gold will not promise. He honestly explained: “the Products will continue to be rationed. And separate should not expect until the beginning of the nineties.”

These meetings have at least allowed people to let off steam. They were shown on TV, and in Moscow it is noticed.

Разрушитель советской системы

A new neighborhood where there live workers of the production Association “Uralmash”. The City Of Sverdlovsk

Typical Communist

Yeltsin, although he understood the flaws of the planned economy, the anti-Soviet did not consider themselves. It in no way contradicted Moscow and his career went rapidly uphill. So, in 1977, he unquestioningly followed orders Andropov to bulldoze the Ipatiev house. In the basement of this two-storey mansion in 1918, the Bolsheviks shot the family of the last Emperor of Russia.

The head of the KGB did not like that the place of execution attracts the attention of foreigners and Soviet dissidents. He feared that the Ipatiev house could be anti-Communist Shrine, and there is not far to popular unrest. Sverdlovsk authorities long refused, and only Yeltsin without bickering shut down painful for the Communists the question.

When in 1982, Andropov declared vicious influence of Western culture in Soviet society, Yeltsin supported him and accused foreign fashion in that it “corrupts the youth of the Urals”. On his orders, in not there were six foreign films.

Yeltsin took the earth of the problem and not the search for the meaning of life or democracy. He was awarded several government awards. “Yeltsin has kept all of these talismans of a vanished system and very proud of them,” said writer Timothy Colton in the book about the first Russian President.

Разрушитель советской системы

Chairman of the Supreme Council of the RSFSR, member of the CPSU Central Committee, USSR people’s Deputy Boris Yeltsin

Sverdlovsk provincial in the capital

In Moscow, Yeltsin was invited to head the Department of construction. He hoped for a more solid position and could not hide his disappointment.

“Member of the Central Committee, first Secretary of the regional Committee with the experience nine and a half years old — and the head of the construction Department of the Central Committee is somehow not very logical. Sverdlovsk region is the third largest producer in the country, and the first Secretary of regional Committee of party, having unique experience and knowledge could be used more effectively,” said Yeltsin.

But he was immediately elected Secretary of the Central Committee of the CPSU. In December 1985 he became the head of Moscow city Committee (MGK) of the Communist party. In February 1986 — a candidate member of the Politburo. Such a rapid ascent was supported by Gorbachev. He explained that experienced local officials will help implement the restructuring.

Разрушитель советской системы

Vladimir Dolgikh, Boris Yeltsin, Eduard Shevardnadze, Valery Vorotnikov, Mikhail Solomentsev, Yegor Ligachev, Nikolai Ryzhkov, Andrei Gromyko, Mikhail Gorbachev in the Presidium of the sixth session of the Supreme Soviet of the eleventh convocation

The top of the Communist party were skeptical of Yeltsin. He was considered a hick and a simpleton. Not interested in them in the West. George Bush senior after meeting resented his manners.

“This guy is a real savage, isn’t it?” he said the White house staff present at the meeting.

In the midst of perestroika, no one could have predicted that very soon Yeltsin will meet with Gorbachev. However, he and the Sverdlovsk politician was far from thinking to go into opposition.

He completely immersed himself in the Affairs. As in Sverdlovsk, personally checked the stores, warehouses, canteens. Traveled by public transport and a lot of contact with people. When it started to develop a master plan, forbidden to demolish a historic building. There is a new holiday — Day of the city.

The style of the Yeltsin to the Central Committee considered strange, but turned a blind eye. Meeting of the head of the Moscow Conservatory with Moscow irritated many people. Were unhappy with Gorbachev. Reforms have stalled, and his popularity fell. Against this background, straight Yeltsin, openly criticized the shortcomings of the system, gained popularity.

Разрушитель советской системы

The house of engineer Ipatiev, which spent the last days of the family of Emperor Nicholas II Romanov

Struggle with Gorbachev

In the fall of 1987 Plenum of the Central Committee discussed the report on the 70th anniversary of the October revolution. Yeltsin suddenly asked a word. The meeting was chaired by Ligachev, but he didn’t respond to your raised hand to the head of CIM.

“I think Boris Yeltsin is the desire to say something,” he stood up for him Gorbachev. Ligachev reluctantly agreed. After receiving the microphone, Yeltsin carried the work of party structures. He called on the item to stop the “praise to the Secretary General” and not to form a new cult of personality.

“It’s been two or three years of perestroika. A lot was said. But now it turns out that you need another two or three years. This is a very desorientated people, the party, all of us. Faith in the restructuring began to fall. People do not really have” — was criticized from the podium Yeltsin.

Разрушитель советской системы

Soviet President Mikhail Gorbachev and Russian President Boris Yeltsin during the evening sitting of the extraordinary session of the RSFSR Supreme Soviet. 1991

The next day about this phone. Yeltsin’s speech differed in samizdat, it was quoted in Newspapers, magazines, radio. Policies, boldly stated the problems of perestroika, came to the fore.

In March 1989, Yeltsin was elected people’s Deputy. A year later he headed the Supreme Council. In this post Jun 12, 1990 signed the Declaration of sovereignty of Russia. A year later, won the presidential elections.

“Life gives us some amazing paradoxes. Isn’t it surprising that Yeltsin, which was a typical Soviet man, the fate destructive to the Soviet system?” — asks Timothy Colton.

President of Russia Yeltsin held until 31 December 1999.

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