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Desktop Skype came out in a new design

Настольный Skype вышел в новом дизайнеThe update contains a striking design, built-in viewing videos on YouTube and “gitk”.

Global redesign of Skype became available to all users desktops.

New Skype got custom themes, also users have the choice between different colours and design.

Now group chats in this colorful and bright wavy lines are used to separate unread messages. At the start of work the user can choose dark or light theme. It is noted that in the summer of 2017 is the same color update got the users mobile messenger.

In addition, now the message you can add emoticons-reaction, and to draw the listener’s attention in a group chat, it is enough to mention it with the @ symbol. For group chats appeared the so-called “Collection” — the place where all files, links and images, which users share.

Among other innovations: the new notification bar; possibility of installation of additions, sorting chats by time, unread messages status. Add-ons allow you to inject Giphy images or YouTube videos directly into the chat.

Also, the new Skype introduces support for bots. If you are using a version of Windows older than “tens”, update Skype can be downloaded here.

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