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Designers came up with a motor truck Volkswagen

Дизайнеры придумали легковой пикап VolkswagenThe company has proposed to create a model in the style of Australian Utes.

French students Valentin Fuchs and Pierre Zhovino has developed a draft passenger truck Volkswagen, which was named Varok. This machine was invented during the internship at the design center of Volkswagen.

“The aim of the project was to imagine how Volkswagen could enter the Australian market, releasing their own Ute,” said Fuchs. According to the designers during the work on this car they were inspired by the appearance of the vehicles Maloo Vauxhall and Volvo V90.

With the back of a pickup truck in such a machine it would be enough space for three passengers and bulky cargo, such as boards for surfing or motocross bike. With the installation of special removable roof in the rear of the Volkswagen Varok could accommodate five passengers. In this case, the cargo can be mounted already on the roof.

Дизайнеры придумали легковой пикап Volkswagen

At the moment, Volkswagen only one serial pick — up Amarok. In Russia the updated version of the models equipped with six-cylinder diesel engine with a capacity of 224 of the power will appear in the next year. Also the “Amarok” will remain two-liter diesel “Quartet” issued 140 and 180 forces.

Дизайнеры придумали легковой пикап Volkswagen

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