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Design mouse-transformer Microsoft Surface Arc was released in Russia

Microsoft, which is still not brought into our country not a single computer, Surface, announced today the release of the mouse Surface Arc. This design a manipulator that can change the shape of the body and become either flat or curved for maximum ease of use.

Instead of buttons and scroll wheel, Microsoft Surface Arc touch there is a single panel which easily replaces all of these mechanical archaisms and thus eliminates the need to periodically arrange cleaning. The connection, of course, without wires Bluetooth 4 two AAA batteries, which will last, according to official figures, in the first 9 months of operation. Microsoft Surface Arc weighs just 83 grams with dimensions of 131х55х15 mm in the flattened state of the body, and she even is able to scroll not only vertically, but also horizontally.

In short, all Microsoft Surface Arc good and design is stylish, no wires, and the charge is not consumed in vain, but there is this one manipulator and at the same time a major drawback: it costs as much as the smartphone Xiaomi Redmi 4X on sale, when ordering from China. In other words, a simple mouse this ask for as much as 6,000 rubles, whereas in Chinese, there is a lot more affordable counterparts.

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