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Deserved the patriotism

Заслужили патриотизм

Patriotism, and about, stopping to treat cancer. Russian, authorities believe, should be treated only Russian drugs, not foreign. The problem is that such laws lobbied rostec, but he has not learned the necessary medicines produce. To treat the same import is impossible. Actually, you can, if they are produced in India, and in Russia repackage. Western in this case, it is prohibited to import, support the domestic manufacturer, that is perevalovka. The main thing we have all sorts of corporations, but not kids with cancer. Such are the priorities — not the future generation, and co-workers in the GDR.

They themselves from cancer are treated abroad, do not believe me, ask the Governor Vorobyov, Kobzon will not ask, but children are treated in Russia, because they have no parents, governors and deputies. Therefore, and medications they do not deserve. But deserved patriotism.

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