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Dermatologists shared the secrets carrot mask

This mask has a positive effect on the skin.

Carrot facial mask, if the facial skin is faded, will return to her natural color. If you do not give rest to different rashes, mask from carrots will quickly eliminate these issues.

Any carrot facial mask at home will not yield to expensive cosmetics. It has anti-inflammatory action, lifting and smoothing properties. The result of the use of a mask is just miraculous transformation of the skin.

It is necessary to remember that vitamins which are abundant in carrots – are very active biological substances, and they need to be able to contact cosmetic purposes.

Indications for improvement of the skin with the aid of a carrot are the deterioration of the complexion, skin pigmentation, wilting, saggy folds (including flews), age and wrinkles, various inflammations pimples or acne.

Use carrot face mask is not recommended for extensive foci of inflammation, poor circulation, allergic reactions to this vegetable, too close to the location of the blood vessels to the skin surface.

Note that in the composition of carrots are potent dyes that may be prolonged contact with the skin paint eearly orange color, which you absolutely nowhere. Why not keep this mask means on the face for too long. 10 minutes for her will be enough.

So, carrots should be shredded on a grater. Mix the ingredients you need in a wooden or ceramic bowl, because metal oxidation products that may affect the properties of the mask.

Rinse carrot mask best warm decoction of chamomile or just water, but without soap and various cleaning gels. After the procedure treat the skin with cream.

The more regular use carrot masks for healthy skin, the faster will the results be visible.

For normal skin suit carrot mask in its pure form. It’s mashed carrots without additional ingredients. It should be spread over the entire surface of the face. Carrot puree (2 tablespoons) can be mixed with 3 tablespoons milk.

For dry skin carrot mask with cream and cheese. Carrot puree (2 tablespoons), beat the heavy cream (1 teaspoon and the average fat cottage cheese (1 tablespoon). Also for skin mask with egg yolk and olive oil. Carrot puree (2 tablespoons) mix with egg yolk and olive oil (2 teaspoons).

Suitable as a carrot mask with egg yolk and sour cream. Mashed carrot (2 tablespoons) mix with 1 egg yolk, mashed with pre-fat sour cream (1 tablespoon). This face mask with carrot and sour cream copes with peeling of the skin, especially in winter.

For oily skin very useful carrot mask with egg white and flour. Carrot puree (2 tablespoons) mix with egg white, add the flour (1 teaspoon).

For the preparation of anti-inflammatory mask carrot need carrot puree (2 tablespoons) mix with warm mashed potatoes (1 tbs), add 1 egg white. This carrot face mask for acne is “struggling” with teenage inflammatory lesions. Integrated mask -carrot puree (2 tablespoons), whipped with 1 egg white, starch (1 tablespoon), lemon fresh juice (1 teaspoon).

For aging skin carrot mask with Apple. Carrot puree (2 tablespoons) mixed with mashed green Apple. A comprehensive carrot mask can be prepared from carrot juice (2 tablespoons) whipped with 1 tablespoon of olive oil, one tablespoon of sour cream, 1 egg yolk, oatmeal (2 tablespoons). Any recipe facial with carrots and sour cream has a pronounced rejuvenating effects: effectively smoothes wrinkles and tightens all the folds.

Carrot mask with honey has a lifting effect. This face mask from carrots and honey will make facial contours more clear, smooth out all wrinkles. To mix the mashed carrots in equal amounts with liquid honey.

Choose any recipe carrot facial mask and enjoy a gentle, effective skin this natural remedies. When used correctly, face just transformed in a very short time. Wrinkles are smoothed, the inflammation will disappear and the complexion will be healthy, natural and radiant.

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