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Dermatologists have figured out what the artificial nails and hair harm health

Дерматологи выяснили, чем искусственные ногти и волосы вредят здоровьюHow much risk are girls in the pursuit of beauty.

Building up hair, nails, eyelashes and receiving short-term beauty, women are seriously harming their health. In pursuit of lush curls, thick lashes and a perfect manicure, many women resort to the now popular technology.

However, none of the proposed cosmetology salon or hairdressing techniques is not harmless to health: as in all cases chemicals are used.

Hair extensions can lead to baldness, the eyelashes – partial or even complete loss and allergic reactions. And after applying on the nails gel Polish or acrylic covering the nail plate gets contaminated. The leader of the “hit parade” of trauma and harm to health is hair capsules. In the application of this technology using resin capsules, which the woman’s hair glued beams “foreign” hair. This procedure has a long-term effect: a woman wearing artificial curls for a few months. Native hair, already rare at this time are under extreme pressure and suffer even more.

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Weight weight capsules the roots of his hair leads to a constant irritation of the hair follicle. As a result, the hair may become even thinner, to weaken and even completely fall out. In the end, short faux hair a woman has then to pay even more deplorable state of the hair until baldness.

While eyelash extensions may encounter the same problem: excessive load on native eyelashes leads to loss. Dermatologists also warn that the glue used when fixing artificial eyelashes, can cause allergies. When nail extensions, gel Polish, acrylic or another method also using chemical. Any type of building spoils the nail plate because the “chemistry” contained in the coating, dry the nail. As a result, after removing this coating the nails become thin, break, or flake. Restores the nail plate only after the nail to fully grow back: it takes an average of about 3 months.

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If these facts do not convince you, you want to resort to the procedures or already using them, try to reduce the negative effects to a minimum. Dermatologists advise to rest the hair, eyelashes and nails, taking breaks between sessions of increasing at least 2 weeks. For hair and eyelashes breaks between treatments it is advisable to do longer. If you are prone to allergies, you must tell the wizard: in this case, tests for allergic reactions. In between treatments it is good to treat hair, nails and eyelashes reinforcing instruments, oils or masks.

In General, modern cosmetology offers a variety of options to strengthen the hair and eyelashes, making them thicker and nails stronger. Therefore, physicians are advised not to forget about what damage we can cause to health in the pursuit of beauty and fashion.

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