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Depardieu played Stalin: Video

In November, finished shooting a new film Fanny Ardant “Sofa Stalin”, where Gerard Depardieu played the title role. The first video from the tape allows you to estimate how Depardieu has been such an unusual transformation. In France, the film based on the novel by Jean-Daniel Baltassat, will be released on January 11.

Depardieu played Stalin: Video

“Sofa Stalin” is not a biopic and not a large-scale historical picture; this is melodrama, where the plot becomes a love triangle, invented by the writer Jean-Daniel Baltazarom. Copyright the idea, on the country to Stalin to bring architect Daniel (Paul S), which is entrusted with the work on the monument to “Father of Nations”. However, during a visit from Daniel tied affair with Lydia (Emmanuelle Seigner) – the beloved Stalin. In an interview with Journal du Dimanche, Depardieu said that the image of Stalin in the film Ardan was very unusual: it’s a complicated person who realizes that others are afraid of him, but fear of infinity self-government. Interestingly, the role of Stalin Depardieu do not receive a fee. According to Ardant, Depardieu refused the money, knowing that a low-budget project. Dozens of costumes for the shootings was given “Mosfilm”; besides, Michel Ardan came to Moscow to see looked like a real Stalin’s uniform.

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The teaser of the film “Stalin Sofa”

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