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Dentists told what to do with the wisdom teeth

Стоматологи рассказали, что делать с зубами мудрости In most cases, wisdom teeth are no problem.

Wisdom teeth – 8 teeth in a row or, more simply, “eight”, which has long been not the right person for normal chewing of food. They begin to erupt at the age of 12 to 25 years, and during this period many recommend to remove them. But is it necessary.

Teeth better to leave in such circumstances

– If they are healthy (no cavities, gums around the tooth are inflamed).
– Fully erupted.
– Correctly located and do not interfere with the normal functioning of neighboring teeth.
They are easy to clean during daily hygiene of the oral cavity.

Removed the teeth in the following cases

– The teeth are completely hidden under the gum but cannot penetrate. In this case, they can contribute to the formation of cysts, which, in turn, can destroy the roots of the adjacent teeth.
– The teeth are not fully erupted. The difficulty of their care, and consequently, a large concentration of bacteria can lead to various diseases of the oral cavity.
– If the tooth does not have enough space (adjacent teeth sit very tight), then prorezalsya wisdom tooth risks damaging the adjacent teeth.
– If you feel pain in the area of the wisdom tooth.
– Soft tissue near the wisdom tooth often become infected.
– The formation of tumors.
– There is inflammation of the gums.
On neighboring teeth formed by the decay, they begin to break down.

There’s nothing wrong with keeping wisdom teeth, if you regularly checked by a dentist do x-rays of the jaw. In this case, you will be able to know in advance about a possible problem (improper growth of wisdom teeth) and to avoid it, to carry out an operation to remove the tooth.

Doctors recommend doing it as early as possible, because after 25 years, when all of the bone already formed, the teeth harder to remove, and tissues heal more slowly.

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