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Dentists tell what fruit may protect teeth from decay

Стоматологи рассказали, какой фрукт может защитить зубы от кариесаDoctors have called the most useful product for healthy teeth.

The natural compound found in grapes, can strengthen the teeth and increase the strength of the seal, thereby protecting the teeth from decay.

Scientists from the University of Illinois (Chicago) conducted a study which found that grape seed extract can help people maintain healthy teeth, because the connections that it contains, prevent cavities and strengthen the hard tooth tissue. In addition, it prolongs the life of composite fillings. This means that when teeth are damaged, the remaining structure can be stronger for binding to materials used in the material for seals.

“Grape seed extract, a byproduct of the wine industry, strengthens the dentin, the tissue that forms the main mass of the tooth and prevents extraction of teeth,” the researchers note.

According to experts, this extract (we are talking about the oligomeric proanthocyanidine) is present in many foods. However, they especially rich in grape seed extract.

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