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Dentists say the causes of yellow teeth

Стоматологи назвали причины желтизны зубовYellow teeth is a dental problem that occurs in many adults.

The yellow hue of the teeth is often irritating people, because the majority wants to have a white smile.

However dentists came to the defense of yellow teeth and call is not worried by their presence.

On the pages of the magazine “Herald of Health” the doctors said: the yellowish tint of the tooth enamel – this is completely normal. “It is not a sign of problems in the activities of the body. The natural color of dentin is yellow, so people don’t have to worry if their teeth are not as white as other,” stated the experts.

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According to experts, the shade of the tooth enamel is a determinant of genetic predisposition. If someone of the parents, the color of the teeth is far from white, so the child will be the owner of the yellowish of tooth enamel, noted academics.

Another major factor influencing the shade of the tooth enamel, dentists have called the use of processed food, especially sugar: its frequent use leads to its yellowing. “In enamel has pores, and food coloring found in many processed foods, to penetrate into them, contributing to the color change. Drugs and medicines also can change the tooth enamel. This is especially noticeable with prolonged use of drugs of the tetracycline group,” said the doctors.

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Also, according to dentists, the appearance of dark plaque on the teeth tend active consumers of electronic cigarettes or hookahs.

This is because in a regular cigarette part of the resins remains in the filter, while and hookahs such a cleaner not, said they.

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