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Dentists have warned about the dangers of mineral water with gas

Стоматологи предупредили о вреде минеральной воды с газомDentists spoke in detail about how soda destroys the teeth.

Contained in this gas is more acidic than the wine, fruit juice and even vinegar.

Mineral water with gas is traditionally considered a much healthier alternative than other soft drinks. However, it is not as harmless as people think. On the contrary, according to the degree of acidity of mineral water with gas is more dangerous than wine and vinegar, according to well-known British dentist London Harley Street Dr. Adam stone. He stressed that the gas bubbles begin to dissolve tooth enamel, which eventually causes pain, tooth discoloration to yellow and cracks.

Studies show that carbonated drinks, including mineral water with gas and traditional soda, the pH is 3.0. The smoothies and juices, including Apple juice, pH 3.4 at fault – 3.6, and in dressings for salads, in vinegar, the same of 3.6. According to experts, over the past 10 years, the number of patients complaining of acid damage tooth enamel, increased three times. - услуги фрилансеров от 500 руб.

This phenomenon there are different reasons as emphasized by the doctor. Some people just clench your teeth due to stressful work and life. This leads to the destruction of enamel with exposure of the inner layer of the tooth which is very sensitive. But the main reason for this surge is the culture of consumption of carbonated beverages.

Wherever modern man, he will find cafes and shops for the sale of smoothies, coffee, juice and soda. They are extremely acidic, and all attack the teeth. Every time a person uses something like that, its tooth enamel takes at least three hours to restore. By eating something sweet or sticky, a certain amount of acid remains in the mouth and eventually deprives the enamel of important minerals. After this attack, the saliva begins to accumulate in your mouth in order to clean it. But if people drink soda all day, his teeth just no chance to cope with the constant acid attacks.

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