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Dentists have warned about the dangers of fruit juice

Стоматологи предупредили о вреде фруктовых соковFruit juice destroy tooth enamel

Dentist and researcher, Yan Fang Ren (Ren Yan Fang), together with colleagues from the Institute of oral health at the University of Rochester, USA, have determined the degree of negative impact of 6% hydrogen peroxide that is part of all professional and semi-professional materials for bleaching tooth enamel.

It turned out to be minor compared to the influence of acidic fruit juices. So, orange juice, for example, reduces the hardness and increases brittleness of tooth enamel to a much greater extent.

Unlike previous experiments in this area, now the researchers were able to capture all the surface changes of enamel with inspection under a microscope. “Fruit acid is so active, that the enamel of the tooth is literally washed away, says Ren. — Orange juice in the study reduced the hardness of enamel by 84%”. From whitening products scientists such effects are not recorded.

It is known that the thinning and destruction of the enamel and accelerate the wear of the tooth and increase the risk of losing it. “Almost all soft drinks, including fruit juices, are acidic and can damage the enamel, says the author. We demonstrated that orange juice can cause significant erosion of tooth enamel. Doctors have studied the negative impact of bleaching on the tooth. But nobody had compared it to the impact and influence of the juice of intensity”.

“We were trying to figure out what factors play a crucial role: one-time procedure in the dentist’s office or a regular dietary habits. Fruit juice for Breakfast can be a serious problem for people drinking for their health. In addition to handling tooth fluoride varnish we have no more today other effective tools to prevent damage to the teeth.”

In light of this, dentists recommend to fans of fruit juice remember that the longer teeth are in contact with the acid, the more severe will be the destruction of the enamel. People who slowly SIP the juice for 20 minutes or more, erosion of the tooth will develop faster than those who drank the drink in one gulp. It is extremely important to carefully follow the oral hygiene: brush your teeth twice a day with fluoride toothpaste and visit the dentist for dental treatment fluoride varnish at least once a year.

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