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Dentists explained why you cannot brush your teeth after Breakfast

Стоматологи объяснили, почему нельзя чистить зубы после завтракаThe same applies to mouthwash.

Since childhood everyone is taught to brush your teeth twice after waking and in the evening. However, the representatives of the British community of dentists questioned the correctness of morning hygienic process.

In their opinion, teeth should be cleaned not in the morning and in the afternoon.

It does not matter when one does it, immediately after sleep or after Breakfast, most importantly, as told by dentists between hygiene and food must pass at least 60 minutes. In diet morning meal often composed of foods containing high amounts of acids in the process the use of which the enamel becomes more porous. If cleaning the oral cavity immediately after eating can damage their outer covering.

British experts in the field of dentistry gave some advice for proper care of the oral cavity. Hygiene suggest to twice a day. Very suitable for this toothpaste that contains fluoride, and brush, removing plaque not only teeth, but also tongue and gums. First, massage is necessary to thoroughly clean the chewing and inner and outer surfaces of the teeth and after the procedure to spit out toothpaste residue. Followed by using a special floss or brush to remove plaque between teeth. Experts don’t suggest immediately after the procedure, rinse your mouth with clean water as the remaining micro-particles of fluoride can strengthen the enamel. They are not dangerous, so do not harm the body.

Rinse mouth do not use immediately after brushing teeth. The liquid prevents the destruction of the enamel, but it is not advised to use in conjunction with a concentrated toothpaste. To use the means of hygiene possible in the afternoon, but after that it is necessary for half an hour not to eat or drink.

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