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Dentists called the products that destroy tooth enamel

Стоматологи назвали продукты, разрушающие зубную эмальFood, which spoils the teeth.

For many, dental health is not just a problem, but the article is a huge expenditure.

Dental care today is expensive, so to save a dazzling smile is not just a matter of health and economy.

The first thing to do, in addition to matter-of-hygiene, – to learn to eat the right foods and ignore the wrong one. The first area is less than the second, but they are interchangeable. It remains only to recognize what food is a danger, says health info with reference to “Shop steaks”.


Tangerines, oranges and lemons, the richest and most common source of vitamin C and many other nutrients, and generally delicious. But at the same time, they are the real destroyers of the tooth enamel. Research shows that of all the citrus plants are particularly detrimental to oral health remain grapefruit and lemon. Orange juice without pulp is the least dangerous among the list of citrus.


Iris and other chewy candies and caramels and all that somehow gets stuck in your teeth, this is the best conduits for bacteria. They create the favorable climate in those places in our mouth where during the day we will not be able to reach neither floss nor brush. In addition, the sugar very well deposited on the tooth enamel due to such candy, and it is a straight road to decay.

What to replace? Chewing gum without sugar. It is also delicious, but also has the ability to clean the teeth, stimulating the production of saliva. And saliva is just designed to destroy harmful oral acids.


It would be simpler to say that all candies are not safe for teeth, but it is too abstract and well-worn Maxim, to believe in it. Why harmful solid candy? Because they are too slow to dissolve in your mouth unlike, for example, the same chocolate. This gives the possibility of aggressive bacteria to produce much more acids that destroy the teeth. Not to even mention that when you try to chew a candy enamel microcracks in which the same bacteria with pleasure penetrate.

What to replace? Strawberries. This summer berry is a natural bleach the enamel as it contains malic acid. Of it even make at home a paste for cleansing the teeth. To do this, just need to mix in a blender the strawberries with baking soda and apply on teeth for 5 minutes.


Pickles or pickled mushrooms are frequent guests on our table, especially in winter. But have you ever wondered what makes these products such a distinctive taste, which we all love them? It is acetic acid. It plays an important role in the process of conservation. Also it plays an important role in the process of breaking your teeth. Wear is increased by 85%, if you regularly add to your dinner at least a couple of pickled cucumbers or tomatoes.

What to replace? Green vegetables, leafy salads. These products can perform the function of toothbrush fiber that you have to chew, helps remove unwanted bacteria from the spaces between the teeth.

Soft drinks

HLS advocates have repeatedly reminded us how harmful soda because of the huge sugar content. All it is, but they rarely mention the harm soft drinks for our teeth. And it’s not only in the Sahara. Even in these drinks are many different acids that help sugar the bacteria inside the tooth enamel and do its dirty work. The only thing that though as-that can reduce the effects of acids on the teeth is the use of lemonade along with food.

What to replace? Water. Surprisingly, the water has fluoride, which is designed to protect teeth from external influences. It is added to toothpaste and mouthwash for the mouth.


Cookies – this is more food for bacteria in the oral cavity than treat for you. When you chew the cookie, it softens, acquiring a pasty consistency. And this mix of carbohydrates and sugars deposited on the teeth builds up between them and cause tooth decay. You have nothing to worry about, but only if after each portion of the cookie you go and brush your teeth.

What to replace? Dairy products. To clean the teeth they don’t help, but will contribute to the creation of a supply of calcium, which is necessary for strengthening of teeth.

Look at my unwashed coffee Cup and imagine that same look of your teeth every time after a dose of caffeine. By the way, these traces are very stable, even to toothpaste and have a cumulative effect. Well, the worst thing you should know that the coffee remains on your teeth have an increased stickiness and attract other harmful particles.

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