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Dentists called the main tips for maintaining healthy teeth

Стоматологи назвали главные советы для сохранения здоровых зубов These recommendations will help keep a white smile.

The health of our teeth and oral cavity depends not only on the correct selection of toothpaste, but also from what we eat. Dentists called the 5 rules of nutrition that will help to maintain a healthy and white smile.

1. Less sweet. For a long time sweets is associated with tooth decay. Therefore, it is important to limit the use of not only different kinds of cakes, eclairs and cookies, and beverages containing lots of sugar. Remember that different kinds of store-bought prepared foods often contain a fair amount of sugar.

2. Less sticky and acidic food. The more adhesive is the consistency of food, the longer our saliva will take time for her cleavage, and the higher the chance that food will stick to the teeth, creating plaque bacteria. This applies to dried fruit, honey, jam or prunes. Acidic foods, in turn, accelerates the process of destruction of tooth enamel. This food include coffee, potato chips, alcohol, and seems to be healthy citrus fruits and tomatoes.

3. A balanced diet means healthy teeth. A healthy diet is important for overall health but for the health of the oral cavity in particular. Eat more fruits and vegetables, beans, whole grains and delicious proteins like fish or chicken.

4. Don’t forget about calcium. A healthy level of calcium in the diet, achieved by consuming dairy products, eggs and green leafy vegetables essential for healthy teeth. Calcium strengthens bones and teeth.
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5. Smaller drinks and food that leave stains on teeth. Any food and drinks with bright colors like coffee, tea, red wine, berries, vinegar and various sauces leave stains on the teeth if it all absorb in large quantities.

We do not encourage to opt out of these products, but limit their use and do not forget to carefully brush your teeth and drink water and rinse your mouth soon after you eat a meal.

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