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Denis Villeneuve wants to do Star wars

Despite the unfortunate fees “blade Runner 2049” Director Denis Villeneuve’s still got it. At the moment he is developing his own, very different “Dune”, putting aside for future participation in the Bond. And if that was not enough, it turns out, the dude is looking to franchise Star Wars.

Recently, Villeneuve was the guest of Josh Horowitz in his podcast, Happy Sad Confused , and during the conversation revealed that, like many, is a fan of episodes of “a New hope” and “Empire strikes back”. He also admitted that he was curious to shoot your film in the series “Star wars”, however, are primarily interested in spin-offs expanding the universe, not the storyline.

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It’s intriguing me. I don’t know, it’s very difficult. The main danger for the “Star wars” was the fact that they have developed their own language. I would really like to see something else, I think “Outlaw-Single” was an interesting attempt to go beyond the boundaries of the template.

Then Horowitz and Villeneuve discussed the project entrusted to Ryan Johnson. Removing the “Last Jedi” he is responsible for the new trilogy not related to Skayuokera. It will generally develop in another part of the Galaxy. Villeneuve has approved these plans.

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I think it’s a great idea to get out and explore a new part of the Galaxy, so I’m open to it.

So, Villeneuve seems to be seriously fond of fiction, and the urge to explore other worlds. Well, I think part of this bright Director only enrich the universe of “Star wars”. If only these blockbusters are not lost myself Villeneuve, his vision, handwriting. Studios love to break the ridges of talented Directors. However, while the man holding up well.

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