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Denis Villeneuve on the box-office failure of “blade Runner 2049”

The first Blade Runner at the time, collapsed at the box office. The sequel repeated his fate. This is the way to cult movie?

Actually, strictly speaking, in order sweeping meditative art-house, which we saw on the screen, “blade Runner 2049” has collected a very decent cash. More than $ 250 million in worldwide box office. That’s only with a budget of 150 million to shoot an independent movie that is great courage. In the end, the profit picture is not brought. Not that money was the main measure of quality films, but to understand such things anyway necessary. And here’s Denis Villeneuve, the Director of the sequel, was asked what he thought on this subject:

I’m still processing it… I Think maybe the fact that people are not familiar with this universe. Plus the fact that the film lasts. I don’t know. It’s still a mystery to me. I just make films — I don’t sell them.

However, the tape Villeneuve still not completely repeat the fate of the original. Picture of Ridley Scott’s not only proved to be bad in the theaters but critics are not logged in. Only years after the latter recognized its advantages and importance.

Denis Villeneuve was more fortunate: laudatory reviews in prominent publications, rave reviews from fans of the universe. The film was a real delight for the eyes and ears of moviegoers. From myself I will say: it is not just a good sequel, it’s more than “blade Runner”, which means that no matter what, a sequel made sense.

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