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Denis Saltykov – about how to write scripts for horror movies

Denis Saltykov , a connoisseur of the horror movie, the reviewer (see, for example, his review of the film “Fatal temptation” which he wrote specifically for the Zone Horror), journalist, editor of our sister horror site Russo Rosso. In General, this is a man whose opinion is budding horror filmmakers should listen. Especially when Denis talks about what the scenario, today, here and now, are of interest to producers, production studios “10/09”.

Russo Rosso earlier it was reported that the screenwriting lab IwanrFilm will hold the next competition scenario applications (on the website you can see the advertising of this event). The best horror-scenarios will be taken on the results of selection in the hands of the producer of the films “Bride” and “the Queen of spades: Black rite” Vladislav Severtsev and can become basic for a good film.

Himself Denis Saltykov, in this regard, gave tips and advice to novice writers. Listen to them wonder regardless of whether you want or not to participate in the contest from IwanrFilm. At least in order to avoid the mistakes that allowed the scripting of the majority of Russian horror films.

Submit entries to the contest here – just keep in mind that it is not free.

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