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Demonic preacher desires to be a God in The Evil Within 2 (VIDEO)

Company Bethesda posted a new trailer for upcoming survival horror The Evil Within and 2, which is one of the most mysterious characters in the game – demonic priest Theodore.

Of all the characters The Evil Within 2 Theodore, perhaps the most mysterious. Any more details about it will inevitably turn into a HUGE SPOILER. In other words, to see what hides Theodore, you have to play.
In the view of Theodore plans “Moebius” regarding STEM completely distorted. Members of the “Mobius” I want to manage all using the STEM, however, Theodore is sure that in terms of control over people they do not hold a candle. For him, STEM is a way to expand their own influence and destroy “Mobius” from inside their own invention.Cm. also:

A monster with a huge grinder in THE EVIL WITHIN 2 (VIDEO)

In the story our protagonist, detective Sebastian Castellanos.

Your life is going to hell. But when fate presents the opportunity to save her daughter, you will have to get together and enter a world filled with nightmares to uncover the dark secrets of the origin of the once idyllic city and, perhaps, to redeem himself. Bizarre horror will trap you from all sides, and you choose — whether you meet them face to face, with weapons in their hands or prefer to avoid, hiding in the shadows to survive.

Game The Evil Within 2 will be released worldwide for PS 4, Xbox One and PC on Friday, 13 October 2017.

Russian and English version of the new movie:

Another promo video released earlier:

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