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Democratic voters in the US don’t care who wins trump

Демократическим избирателям в США все равно, кто победит Трампа

Two simple conclusions from super Tuesday.

First, the money does not work in politics — at least, not work directly. Michael Bloomberg spent on primary elections in the States that voted today, $ 500 million — the largest expense in the history and more with stock than all the other candidates combined. Gave it zilch. The result is negligible, and Bloomberg, probably, will be removed tomorrow. Interesting question — whether it will continue, as promised, to spend money to ensure victory over trump in the fall, but it is quite another question.

The second resurrection from the ashes Biden, an old Washington insider who confuse names, dates and just a word — the result of the fact that a significant number of democratic voters do not care who will be the candidate. They are only interested in one thing — winning in the fall. So they are rushing around, trying to guess who it was. Sanders does not inspire confidence in the sense of victory over trump. For the month of his leadership, he did not explain how he is going to unite the party after his victory. As a result of Biden supported the supporters of Baligaga and Klobuchar. I do, however, slightly surprising — Biden looks like the easiest opponent to trump.

No, race is not finished yet, but Sanders seems to have merged his considerable advantage. But if I were forced right now to give a definite prognosis — who will be the democratic candidate — I still would have put it.

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