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Democratic prices: where are apartments in Ukraine cheaper

Демократические цены: где квартиры в Украине дешевле всегоThe amount you will be amazed

In January 2018 the lowest prices for one-bedroom apartments in apartment houses of the old housing stock recorded in Lutsk.

The Ukrainian realtors say that to buy a Studio apartment at the lowest price possible in the vicinity of the regional centers of Ukraine.

So, the infographic shows average prices for one-bedroom housing in apartment buildings of the old housing stock of Ukraine. Note that these figures in reality might be different because the price depends on design, space and quality repair of residential property.

Among the Central regions of the country, the highest prices for apartments small area in the capital. So, to buy an apartment in Kiev can be an average of $30 000. But cheaper one-bedroom apartments are in apartment buildings in Poltava – for $13 500.

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Residents of the Western part of Ukraine are more one-bedroom apartments in apartment buildings of old housing in Lviv and Chernivtsi. The average price here is $20 000. However, affordable housing is sold in luck – for $11 000.

Residents of the Eastern regions cheap you can buy a house in Zaporizhia. Prices here start at $13 500. But the most expensive apartments in Kharkov for about $26 000.

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In the South of Ukraine the prices for a Studio apartment range from $12 500 to $30 000. So, the cheapest accommodation can be purchased in Kherson, but for an apartment in Odessa will have to pay $30 000.

Note that the cheapest housing is on the North of Ukraine. So at the lowest price possible in Chernihiv – for $12,000. At the same time more expensive to buy an apartment in Rivne – for $16 000.

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