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Demi Moore spoke about aging, beauty and self care: “My main mantra is the adoption of”

Demi Moore

Last weekend in new York held summit Goop Health, organized by actress Gwyneth Paltrow. Among the participants of the meeting dedicated to health and beauty, was her mother Blythe Danner and daughter Apple Martin and girlfriend, Elle MacPherson and demi Moore. The latter rarely gives interviews and appears in public, the more valuable was her participation in the summit, where she answered the questions of journalists on the relation to age, appearance, nutrition and a healthy lifestyle.

56-year-old demi Moore looks younger than her age, but acknowledges that he is not afraid to grow old, because calmly accepts this natural process.

Everything changes. The biggest difference between me now and me in the past is that now I’m not in such good physical shape as it was before. However, my main mantra this year is acceptance. One excellent book I read when frown, get angry, get hurt, feel pain, or bitterness, we age. This does not mean that you should always feel happy, no. Just need to try not to cling to the negative, — said the actress.

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To care for your skin demi helps aesthetician Terri Lawton. Regular treatments Moore combines with one of its main principles in the fight for beauty — moderation.

Less is actually more, as it is much easier to do some daily routines, if they are simple and easy to implement. And I definitely believe that beauty starts from the inside. You can do without anything, but if you don’t like, feel bad, then I’m not sure there is a benefit — added Moore.

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But the 46-year-old Gwyneth Paltrow journalists were asked not only about the beauty secrets, but also about her relationship with her husband brad Falshakom, with whom she got married last year. According to the actress, in the face of her husband she found a kindred spirit.

My husband always played sports and aspired to compile your diet with organic products. We are very similar… We love the infrared sauna, love to walk. I think this is effective because both are interested in the result — admitted Paltrow.

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