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Defensive fall of the regime

Оборонительная осень режима

The authorities do not have time to digest the internal and external failures. Hence the unsystematic of their actions.

Most ordinary people and many analysts, regardless of its level of criticality or loyalists, until recently, proceeded from the fact that the higher authorities in everything is guided by some predetermined secret plan move by move and implements. That is leading people right (or wrong) my dear, without explaining why.

Even earlier it was not so. Our regime was guided not so much by the next plans, as the desire to keep the initiative at all domestic and international fronts. And in many ways he succeeded.

But now no longer.

“You know, I sometimes think it would be well for us if those who want to impose sanctions, would impose all the sanctions that only you can enter, and as soon as possible. It would play into our hands to protect its national interests…” not some kind of clever response, the project behind this statement of Vladimir Putin in the “Russian energy week.” Not the “de-dollarization” — when it already became a nightmare for the captains of the Russian economy and Finance. A time when new sanctions and boycotts were able to present to the public as good news are long gone.

Putin is just showing the fatigue and fatalism. The same tired shows and the propaganda machine. If formally, it does the same as always: gives resistance to foreign enemies, exposes, laughs and tells stories of parallel reality. Essentially the same — dull snaps from rolling in from all sides of the exposures.

Too many things that are wrong. Lots of details, not have time to digest. All of these names, passport, cheques, stories about the hacker attacks and accusations, accusations of American, British, Dutch. Officials in Moscow and abroad, more recently, as he loved to argue and witty, often simply refuse to explain anything.

Our commentator community is looking for the hidden meaning in the modern winged words of the leader, uttered on the same “Energy week.” About the fact that Skripal — “just a creep” that “espionage, like prostitution, is one of the “most important” professions in the world,” etc.

And suddenly a deep sense in these remarks is not, and therefore do not need to look for? As in thinking out loud at the meeting with the Ministers: “After the adoption of the presidential amendments, it became clear that there will be no income from the efforts to change the pension system; rather, the government must offinancial the President’s proposed amendments.” If you want then hurry to get a grasp of the balances and to calculate losses mellowed the Treasury? What if a loss would not be?

In an August address to the nation, Vladimir Putin clearly indicated that reform of pensions is undertaken not in order to spend more money, and in order to save them. Fully agreeing with this characterization of the event, I can only assume that the sudden its deconstruction did not indicate the turn in pension policy, but only the desire to tell the people that nothing he blames their President. Heard there was this message? Yet. Just published by FOM weekly survey tells of continued gradual decline in ratings of Putin and United Russia.

And how to relate to the wave of gubernatorial resignations? It is the premeditated and cold-bloodedly carried out a plan or series of haphazard actions, hastily taken in response to the failure of the state-owned candidates?

I think both. The plan, apparently, really were prepared. Although it is not necessary to exaggerate its consistency and coherence. The theory that all the posts decided to appoint whether loyal guards, whether young educated technocrats from the beginning was a big simplification. That they contradicted each other, I’m not saying.

Any list of appointees, of course, was compiled. But after the September election incidents it definitely had to update.

Take the loud dismissal — offset Georgy Poltavchenko. Little doubt that by September it planned to move for the next term. But after — weighed the possibilities and decided not to tempt fate.

The new acting disassembled in detail. There you can see a guard, a technocrat and crony nominee, and hardened nomenklatura service and business training for 90 years. The overall logic is not. In each case they were looking for a simple way to avoid a new electoral embarrassments. But the concept is the same. Power machine frantically to patch holes and not notice that the field is already openly demanding to update the rules.

“I see and feel the crisis of confidence in the government. In order to overcome it, it is important to fulfill the promises made to the people. But in the current system this is impossible. It contains a software bug — in the relationship between municipality, region and Federal government… Now the annual tax revenues in Vladivostok amount to 56 billion rubles, but the city budget is only 6 billion 6 billion come in the form of subsidies and grants, and is a tool of subordination and manipulation…”

I can only guess what guided the resigned mayor of Vladivostok Vitaly Verkeenko who refused to cooperate with the new interim Oleg Kozhemyako, abandoned to Primorye as a heavyweight with a rich network of local connections. But open attacks of the regional tops in the very ideology of the vertical, it seems, cease to be rare. Perhaps the Federal center is ready to punish for it, but clear your own response to such questions from him today, no. The initiative lost here.

Autumn of the system. Deaf, dull and defensive.

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