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Defenders Sarika Adreasen sent to the West…!

After the “Black rose” Alexander Nevsky Western audience will get acquainted soon with another “outstanding” example of modern Russian cinematograph. Yes, while we have in the country directed by Sarik Andreasyan cast penises, they filmed an epic slag blockbuster “the Defenders” should be to the West. English-language trailer and poster are attached.

What you write foreign audience about what they saw? Here is a small selection of comments in our translation:

It looks like a movie made by 12-year-old.

This movie looks real bad-ass.

Watched this about a month ago, and it was a charming bad.

Why every not-Russian thinks this is a good movie? The trailer looks like shit. And the Director is shit. And Studio shit.

Looks like trash. But I still see it. I love bad movies.

And stuff like that. That moment, when Russia movie level Studio Asylum, investing money in it at the level of foreign blockbusters.

And you have watched “the Defenders”? Well?..

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